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, a window into a beautiful World of Light that although always enfolds us, yet we seem to miss it or goes unnoticed by us most of the time.

These Great Beings of Light are always here, ever present in our lives, yet the vibratory frequency of the optical nerve in our physical eyes is not high enough to allow us to see them and acknowledge their Presence.

May you find, as you contemplate these photographs, a source of inspiration that may assist you on your own spiritual journey to Self-realization. And, at the same time, allow you to perhaps open your world even more to these Precious Beings of Light (Masters of Light, Angels, Fairies and Elementals, Spheres, Orbs, etc) so that they can be of an even greater help and assistance in your life.

WE LOVE THEM, WE BLESS THEM, and WE THANK THEM forever for their self-less service to all of us, our beautiful planet Earth and all her great kingdoms.
The Ascended Master Lady Akasha, a being of Infinite Love from the 11th dimension who serves under the Rose Pink Ray of the Divine Mother, has made the following comments regarding these photographs:“Your Light is coming thru the camera, raising the energy of your photography, and that enables you to take pictures of that which is yet invisible to most people.

It is indeed a Gift that has been given you.
You are receiving help from the Great Constellation Orion and the Mighty Elohim Orion, who oversees great hues of the Rose Pink Ray to the Earth, and also from the Pink Planet, within the Orion Constellation.

There is always a combination of the Violet Flame Angels and Rose Pink Flame Angels that surround certain sacred areas, and there has been for years those Beings of the Rose Pink Ray protecting the Divine Will of Mount Shasta (the Freedom Mountain), and protecting other areas around the World as well.

When the Angels of the Sacred Fire (Violet Flame, Rose Pink Flame) come and purify certain areas of Mother Nature, then it is very important to maintain and protect that Purity. It is then when the Great Seraphim Angels come and pour rivers of their Cosmic Light Substance, projecting Blue Spheres of Electronic Light which usually take the color of the Cosmic Blue Ray (these are the Blue and White Spheres, and various other Light Rays that appear in your photographs).

These photographs record Great Manifestations of Light and Beings of Light from the Higher Octaves, and are a powerful activating force to those who look upon them and acknowledge their Reality and Presence on the Earth today.”


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